Precision Metals For Model Makers

The widest range of precision metals for model making available.

Albion Alloys Precision Metals have the following advantages:

  1. High quality – tight tolerance production ensures our slide fit tubes are the best available
  2. Excellent surface quality – easy to prepare, glue, solder and paint
  3. Wide range and cross compatible – i.e. a lot of the rod sizes are designed to slide fit in to the tube
  4. Designed to be used with our Connecto range – create all kinds of complex shapes and structures
  5. Easily available – we have dealers and distributors worldwide
  6. Well thought out packaging – sleeves are designed to be re-sealable and display full product details – important for easy work bench identification

The Albion Alloys Range of metals for model makers is also great for:

  • Model making – scale plastic, model rail and boat, R/C
  • Architectural design
  • Prototype engineers
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace and Military
  • School / University projects