Anner Factory

Anner Factory produce beautiful balsawood and plywood model aircraft ranging from simple to make gliders that are suitable for children, right through to the PRO and LAB series that build in to a complex display or flying model that you’d be proud to have on show in your home.

Go Series

Go Series

The GO Series – a few steps and you’re flying – ideal for children who want to make a glider.

Anner Factory Easy Series

Easy Series

The EASY Series – a wonderful collection of World War One and Two aircraft models in 1/48 and 1/24 scale. Can be made as either a flying or display model – using the supplied accessories creates a static collectible.

Anner Factory Easy 3D Series

Easy 3D Series

The EASY 3D Series – take the EASY series design idea and extends it to include a three dimensional fuselage, giving these models real presence when displayed.

Anner Factory LAB Series

LAB Series

The LAB Series – dedicated to the enthusiasts. These models require commitment and attention to detail when constructing. High quality materials allied to precision laser cutting mean an almost museum like quality is guaranteed. 12 classic aircraft with curved fuselage and wings and the added interest of all having elastic propulsion devices included.

Anner Factory PRO Series

PRO Series

The PRO Series – aimed at the experienced modeller, these kits offer high performance and are designed to accept flight control and motorization devices.