Within the Mr Hobby Cement Range there is Mr Cement S, which is a super thin, fast evaporating solvent and the Mr Cement Deluxe, which is a more traditional, slower curing glue.


Mr Cement S MC129

Mr Cement S

A thin solvent glue that has super low viscosity and super fast drying times. Ideal for gluing detail parts and anywhere that an invisible weld is necessary. By dry fitting the two parts and placing the brush carefully next to the join, capillary action will draw the solvent from the brush and around and under the two opposing faces. Any excess will quickly evaporate.

Order Code

  • MC129


Mr Cement SP MC131

Mr Cement SP

Similar in consistency to Mr Cement S but with even quicker drying time and excellent bond strength characteristics.

Order Code

  • MC131


Mr Cement MC124

Mr Cement

Same formula as MC127 but with larger brush for larger surface area coverage.

Order Code

  • MC124


Mr Cement Deluxe MC127

Mr Cement Deluxe

Ideal for when strength is required when bonding together two surfaces. Slower drying time than Mr Cement S giving you extra time for part placement. There is a resinous quality to this glue that gives extra strong bonding and holding.

Order Code

  • MC127


Mr Cement Limonene MC130

Mr Cement Limonene

Same super thin consistency as Mr Cement S but with a pleasant citrus smell.

Order Code

  • MC130