Procon Boy Airbrushes

The Mr Hobby Procon Boy airbrushes are quickly becoming the airbrush of choice for the discerning model maker who wants the best available but at a reasonable price. Made in Japan and with a full UK spare parts backup service these will give a life time of service. Paint atomisation and general handling is widely considered to best in class and you’ll always enjoy using these fantastic, professional tools.

All brushes are double action and have needle travel control as standard, except the SQ 268 single action brushes. The Platinum and Custom brushes also feature an air control valve at the front for even finer tuning of the air / paint mix.

Procon Boy airbrushes are supplied in a box with air hose, spanner and aerosol can fitting.
Standard 1/8” mouth for hose connection to any standard compressor .
( Please note - the supplied air hose is not suitable for use with a compressor, please purchase this separately ).

PS-266 LWA Double Action 0.5 mm nozzle 15cc cup

Designed for efficient and even coverage of larger areas, featuring a large 155cc cup and a 0.5 mm needle and nozzle. Ideal for putting down primers, single colours or gloss / flat varnishes on surfaces typically found on 1/32 and 1/35 scale afv / aircraft and 1/200 scale boats.

PS-267 LWA Double Action 0.2 mm nozzle 10cc cup

A cost-effective brush with a 0.2 needle and nozzle for fine detail work such as camouflage, pre-shading and panel lines, figure work etc.


PS-274 WA Double Action 0.3 mm nozzle 10cc cup

Excellent all-round airbrush that will cover most tasks - the 0.3 needle and nozzle will cover most tasks including both fine line work and general coverage.


PS-268 SQ Single Action 0.4 mm nozzle 7cc Cup

Available in both chromed brass and anodized aluminium the SQ brushes are diminutive but highly effective tools and the single action doesn’t mean these aren’t precision instruments. Once you’re familiar with how the needle travel system works you’ll be amazed how controllable these ABs are. Ideal for laying down large, even areas of paint, primer and varnish.


PS-270 FWA Platinum Double Action 0.2 mm nozzle 10cc cup

The Platinum airbrushes are professional airbrushes that you’ll quickly come to cherish. Beautifully engineered and designed, a full feature set and perfectly weighted these are airbrushes you’ll enjoy using, time after time. Features such as double action, needle travel control and air control valve put the user in total control of paint application.

PS-289 FWA Platinum Double Action 0.3 mm nozzle 10cc cup

Same precision engineering as the PS-270 but with a general purpose 0.3 mm nozzle.

One great feature is the needle and nozzles of the 270 and 289 are interchangeable so you can purchase one brush, an extra needle and nozzle set and have 2 airbrushes in one.

PS-770 Custom Double Action 0.18 mm nozzle 10cc

A high-end airbrush with a 0.18 mm nozzle for extra fine work but still with the robustness and ease of use all the Procon Boys feature.

Choice of the connoisseur, the 770 is world renowned and is becoming the airbrush of choice for many of the World’s top model makers.

PS-275 WA Trigger Double Action 0.3 mm nozzle 7cc cup

A great choice for people who struggle with the double action, top button style brush. The trigger position means this brush is comfortable to hold and operate for extended periods of time and is very popular with people who might have experienced some kind of repetitive strain injury, dexterity issues or just don’t like the traditional style brush. A handle can be added for increased comfort.

PS-290 LWA Trigger Double Action 0.5 mm nozzle 15 cc cup

A brush that’s heading in to the realms of the professional automotive world, the PS-290 features a 0.5 mm nozzle, a large trigger that helps facilitate a broad and even spray pattern and an interchangeable nozzle cap for both oval and circular paint application. This brush really comes in to its own for large scale and automotive modeller where multiple fine coats of paint and varnish give an unbelievable reality and depth to the finish.