Mr Hobby paints are widely seen as the best acrylic paints on the market with a wide range of colours, in both water based ( Mr Hobby ) and lacquer ( Mr Color ) types. They both offer the following advantages :-

  • Wide range of highly accurate colours - RAF, RLM, USAF, FS ( Federal Standard ), Japanese Navy and Army Israeli Defence Force and Russian
  • Dries quickly to a beautifully smooth finish that withstands weathering and decal setting solutions
  • Fantastic paints for airbrushing, practically zero tip dry.
  • Super high quality pigment and carrier fluid maker
  • Thin with Mr Color, Mr Levelling Thinner or Aqueous Thinner ( Mr Hobby only )
  • The colour sets are 3 bottles of paint in one box - typically specialist modelling areas, interior greens & zinc chromates, Israeli Defence force and USAAF WWII are good examples.
  • The colour modulation sets are 4 bottles of differeing shades that takes the guess work out of doing this popular style, German Grey and Yellow, Olive Drab ( Allied ) and Russian.
  • The Metal Color buffable paints, which are ideal for creating 3D ‘pop’ on engine blocks, wheel wells, armament etc. Buffing process highlights raised surfaces and leaves recesses matt, creating incredible depth & realism.
  • The weathering pastel sets are suitable for expressing dirtiness, dust and mud.

Mr Hobby Aqueous

Is a water based acrylic paint and one of the world’s best selling hobby paints. With its high pigment count it can be thinned by up to 70% and still give excellent coverage and opacity characteristics. It can be thinned with Mr Color, Mr Color self-levelling and aqueous thinner. It works beautifully in an airbrush, it doesn't dry out in the nozzle and cleans up very easily making it ideal for all skill levels.

Mr Color

Mr Color is a lacquer ( solvent based ) acrylic paint and widely seen as the best quality paint available to the model maker. Due to its very high pigment count it has excellent covering power and the colours and tones are incredibly realistic. It can be thinned with both Mr Color and Mr Color self-levelling thinner by up to 70% making it ideal for airbrushing and very good value for money.

Mr Hobby Color Sets

A well thought out selection and formulation of paints – 3 different colours per set.

Examples are the interior colour set for WWII aircraft ( CS681 ) with 2 types of zinc chromate and an interior green, the NATO set for modern armour ( CS664 ) and the excellent U.S. Naval Aircraft WWII (CS682 )and Royal Air Force early and late sets, both WWII ( CS683 / CS684 ).

Order Codes

  • CS641 - Japanese Naval Arsenal Colour
  • CS681 - Interior Colour for Aircraft (WWII)
  • CS642 - Japanese Naval Camouflage Colour
  • CS682 - U.S. Naval Aircraft (WWII)
  • CS664 - Tank Colours for NATO CS683 Royal Air Force (WWII) Early period
  • CS666 - J.A.S.D.F. Aluminized Old-Timer Colour Set
  • CS684 - Royal Air Force (WWII) Middle / Late period

Mr Hobby Weathering Pastels

Super fine powders in dark brown, light brown and sand ( set 1 ) and charcoal grey, light grey and terracotta ( Set 2 ). Ideal for adding highly realistic dust effects to armour, aircraft wheels, trains etc.

Order Codes

  • PP101 - Set 1 Dark Brown – Light Brown – Sand
  • PP102 - Set 2 Charcoal Grey – Light Grey – Terracotta