A range of surface and metal primers that can be used as gap, seam fillers and for preventing paint peeling, as well as primers used by model makers and sculptors.

Mr Surfacer

The Mr Surfacer Range has a grain structure and colour for every priming / surfacing situation.

500 is ideal for filling deep scratches and imperfections due to its medium grain structure. It’s also ideally suited to re-creating the look of cast metal as often observed on WWII armour.

1000 and 1200 are useful for fine scratches and filling wing seams and other gaps that are less than 1 mm. Both can be thinned with Mr Color or Mr Levelling Thinner and the 1200 can be sprayed through a 0.3 mm airbrush.

1500 is available in 4 different colours ( grey / black / white / mahogany ) and is one of the best primers available, it gives a beautiful even coverage and dries to a super flat surface without obscuring any of that precious surface detail.


Order Codes

Spray Can

  • B506 - Mr Surfacer 500
  • B505 - Mr Surfacer 1000
  • B515 - Mr Surfacer 1200

Glass Jar

  • SF285 - Mr Surfacer 500
  • SF284 - Mr Surfacer 1000
  • SF286 - Mr Surfacer 1200
  • SF288 - Mr Surfacer 1500 Black
  • SF289 - Mr Surfacer 1500 Grey
  • SF290 - Mr Surfacer 1500 Mahogany
  • SF291 - Mr Surfacer 1500 White

Mr Metal Primer

Mr Metal Primer is ideal for coating metallic materials (i.e. white metal and photo etch ) prior to painting. It prevents Mr Hobby paint peeling off metallic surfaces. Glass jar has integral brush in lid.

Order Codes

  • MP242 - Glass Jar
  • B504 - Spray Can

Mr Primer Surfacer 1000

Mr Primer Surfacer is a fairly new product and can be used on plastic, metal and resin. It gives an excellent surface finish and is gives an ideal foundation for the acrylic paints.

Order Codes

  • B524 - Mr Primer Surfacer 1000

Mr White Surfacer

Mr White Surfacer is a fine grain structured surface ideal for when you want to paint lighter colours than the original plastic.

Order Codes

  • B511 - Mr White Surfacer