Mr Hobby Clear Varnishes

The Mr Hobby range of flat, semi-gloss and gloss varnishes and top coats is one of the widest range available to the hobbyist and is available in both glass jars and spray can format.

They all exhibit excellent handling properties:

  • Fast drying
  • No pooling
  • Apply with brush or airbrush
  • Glass jar products can be thinned with Mr Color and Mr Levelling Thinners
  • Very versatile and are compatible with other acrylic paints, enamel washes etc.
  • Spray cans are perfect for many craft and hobby projects and are the varnish of choice for Super Dollfie hobbyists – if you’re spraying a varnish on a £300 doll you want the best!

Glass Jars - Thin with Mr Color or Mr Levelling Thinner

H-20 Flat Clear

A superb all round flat varnish, cost effective and ideal for flatting off complete models, decals or details.

H-30 Gloss Clear

As the flat but gloss

H-102 Premium Clear Semi-Gloss

Glass jar version of Top Coat, great for blending disparate surfaces – raised decals, different paint patinas etc.

H-103 Premium Clear Flat

H-104 Premium Flat Base

C-46 Gloss Clear

The lacquer version of H-30 - dries quickly to a very hard wearing gloss

C-181 Semi Gloss Super Clear

C-182 Flat Clear

The lacquer version of H-20, dries quickly to a beautiful, blemish free flat coat.

C-183 Flat Super Clear Gray Tone

C-188 Flat Base Rough

C-189 Flat Base Smooth

Gx100 Super Clear III Gloss

A very effective fast drying gloss varnish. Very popular with automotive modellers who need the best surface finish available. Can be buffed to an even deeper and shinier gloss with the Albion Alloys range of micro polishing cloths. Mix thoroughly with Mr Levelling Thinner and be prepared to be amazed.

GX112 Super Clear III UV Cut - Gloss

GX113 Super Clear III UV Cut - Flat

Same amazing results as GX100 but with added anti-UV compound for models / displays that will be exposed to excessive amounts of direct sunlight.

Spray Cans


The Topcoat range is a premium range of varnishes and is available in gloss, semi-gloss and flat.
Water based varnishes that dry to a perfect finish. The Premium series are ideal if using in cold or humid conditions where drying times are extended and pooling might occur.

B-501 Mr Topcoat Gloss

B-502 Mr Topcoat Semi-Gloss

B-503 Mr Topcoat Flat

B-602 Mr Premium Topcoat Semi-Gloss

B602 Mr Premium Topcoat Semi-Gloss

B-603 Mr Premium Topcoat Flat

B603 Mr Premium Topcoat Flat

Super Clear

A solvent type varnish, only to be used with Mr Color. Very popular with Dollfie hobbyists where a perfect, blemish free is required.

B-513 Mr Super Clear Gloss

B-513 Mr Super Clear Gloss

B-514 Mr Super Clear Flat

B-516 Mr Super Clear Semi-Gloss

B-516 Mr Super Clear Semi-Gloss

Super Clear UV Cut

Same formulation as Super Clear but with an added UV shield.

B-522 Mr Super Clear UV Cut Gloss

B-522 Mr Super Clear UV Cut Gloss

B-523 Mr Super Clear UV Cut Flat

B-523 Mr Super Clear UV Cut Flat