DW 72002 Percival Vega Gull ( civil registration )

DW72002   Vega Gull

The Vega Gull was widely used by British and Commonwealth aviators during the later years of the “Golden Age” of record-setting aviation during the 1930s. Alex Henshaw, Jim Mollison, Amy Johnson, Beryl Markham, C.W.A. Scott and others, won races and broke records to South Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand, to name but a few.

The Percival Vega Gull model was created on the basis of the original drawings, which were given to the company of Dora Wings by Mr. John Adams (Aeroclub company).  He Also advised the designers of the company and provided every help. The team of Dora Wings expresses great gratitude to John Adams for the help and advice. You`re the man John!

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