TM35006 US Crawler Sixty

The tractor SIXTY was a 60 horsepower crawler manufactured from 1925 to 1931, it was the largest tractor in their product line at that time. Between 1919 and 1931, 18948 SIXTY tractors were manufactured.
The tractor was famous for its overhanging radiator, individually mounted cylinders, lever controls and open clutch. Later, cable lift blades were rigged up and the crawlers could be used as bulldozers.
The four cylinder overhead valve gasoline engine produced 60 horsepower at the belt and 35 horsepower at the drawbar


– 500 + plastic parts [A, B, 2xC, D, 3xF]
– faithfully reproduced and highly detailed chassis and engine
– accurately molded suspensions
– PE detail sheet, scale ropes included
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