Pigment Jockey

Available in 10 different colours. Reversible weathering liquid, spill resistant bottle. Great for general weathering, spatter and streaking FX. Combined with VMS universal weathering carrier can be used for wash and filtering. Mix with VMS No. 29 texture powder to add volume and texture. Shake well before use. While using drain your brush, let excessive fluid drip down on the palette and work with damp brush. Super dispersed, high efficiency fluid. Depending on techniques applied a bottle will suffice to weather up to 25-50, 1/35 scale models. If not used for several months expedite mixing with a metal rod or steel balls (detach nozzle first). 

Recommended techniques: spatter, streaking, wash

Combine with: Universal weathering carrier, Spot-On pigments other PJ colours

Available volumes: 30 ml dropper bottle