Maquett Plastic Profiles

Maquett Plastic Profiles have the following features and advantages.
  • One of the widest range of profiles allied with best quality available – rod – strip – angle – channel – tube – half round hollow – and many more!
  • Manufactured from super-styrene – this means it glues together very easily – you can easily get invisible weld seams by using the Touch n Flow glue applicator or Mr Cement S from Mr Hobby.
  • The profiles portray very precise angles and this helps enormously when you’re working in scale – i.e. it adds a real visual sharpness and makes assembly so much easier as pieces tend to ‘lock’ in to place. You also tend to get a visual confirmation that it looks right – when eye balling internal ribbing on a fuselage for instance.
  • The wide variety of profiles means there’s always the right shape for the job. The fact you can purchase them in singles a means with a small outlay you’ve got a very useful stock selection – so important when you’re working on a project at night that you just have to complete – or just because you’re so absorbed in it you can’t wait for the morning and a visit to your local hobby shop!
  • Some of the profiles are unique to Maquett – the Connector series for instance that help you create buildings, fences, sidings and all manner of architectural shapes, quickly and easily.
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