Flexy CA Glue

Have you ever lost or have to re-glue some PE parts during painting or weathering or maybe just by accident why manipulating your model? If so this glue is for you! Flexible bond created with Flexy 5k withstands much more punishment than classic brittle CA. This essentially means less accidentally lost parts and more productive and enjoyable work as there is much less need to reglue more vulnerable parts such as antennas, clamps, clasps, wing nuts and the like.

Extended open time of our photo etch glue (150% the standard CA) allows for good positioning of PE parts. You will also be able to glue tricky parts (both PS and metal) that produce tension. Gluing metal to metal works fine as well, please look at the photo on the top left of the screen, lamp guard on this tank was made out of copper wire. Segments were glued together with just the Flexy 5k, no soldering was needed, metal to metal adhesion is great and the bond durable! Dispensed glue is “live” for over 45 minutes!

Flexy is less aggressive and more easily removed when necessary it doesn’t “eat plastic” as classic CAs. therefore it is more easily removed when needed. Most of the time simple scrubbing followed by some sanding will do, no debonders needed.

Available in 7 different Flexy 5K types :-

PE ( photo etch)





Black Thin