Maquett Plastic Profiles and sheets offer the following advantages to the modern day model maker.
  • Manufactured on high-end extrusion presses – this gives the plastic profiles their super sharp appearance, critical for scale and architectural model making. No flare out at adjoining plane intersections – give your next project a real injection of accuracy.
  • A very wide range of sizes, thicknesses, plastic profile shapes and uses – many unique to Maquett
  • Available in both 33cm and 1 metre lengths – less scrap if you’re cutting to length multiple pieces
  • Profiles and sheet are manufactured with super-styrene – this is a very user friendly material
  • It glues together very easily ( we recommend Flex-I-file Touch n Flow / Plast-I-Weld or Mr Hobby Cement S )
  • It can be easily shaped and bent without cracking.
  • It can be cut with a scalpel without splintering.
  • You can purchase just one piece at a time – this means you can build up a wide range of stock quickly and cost effectively.

Maquett Plastic Profiles and Sheets have truly endless uses in model making:

  • Scale plastic – model rail – model boat
  • Architectural design
  • Film and TV set design and special effects
  • School and university projects
  • Prototype design
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