VMS Diorama Products


An ever increasing range of diorama products all designed to help you create the most realistic scenic displays possible.

DI03   Sand and Ballast Freeze A capillary action acrylic adhesive designed to bond sand, gravel, rubble and ballast in to place on a diorama. Works on all substrates from 0.04 mm sand right up to coarse gravel and 1.35 scale bricks. Slow drying – ( up to 1 hour ) which enables sand and gravel to be moved and manipulated –  to create tank tracks, small pools and depressions etc.


DI04 Crystal PVA Glue A clear and quick drying PVA glue, ideal for use on dioramas and use on wood, paper, cardboard and minerals etc.


DI05  Smart Mud XL – Improved Version  A modelling paste with the constistency of soft clay. Ideal for creating diorama bases, particularly muddy fields, old roads etc. Product remains soft for up to 5 hours – ( fully hardening after 48 hours ) giving plenty of time to create tank tracks, bomb craters, footprints etc. Easy clean up with VMS acrylic thinner.