TM35007 US Army Armoured tractor

Case VA is a designation for a series of American military tractors from the Second World War. The drive was provided by a single, 4-cylinder Marvel-Schebler carburetor engine. The tractor entered mass production in 1942, and about 15,000 examples of this vehicle were produced during the course of the process. The VA tractor model was developed by the JI Case company, founded in 1842 and recognized as one of the most important manufacturers of widely understood agricultural equipment in the United States. The new model was created to replace the V-family tractors from the same manufacturer. In the course of production, many variants of the basic model were created with such markings as, for example, VAC, VAI, VAIW or VAS. The tractors were used on a large scale by both the American armed forces and the troops of the Western Allies. They were used in various engineering or sapper works (e.g. at the construction of field airports).

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