AH48A003 ME262 HG III

Me262 HGIII Aircraft   AH48A003

The ME262 HG III was meant to be the successor to the original ME262 and it was quite the re-design, featuring 4 x 30 mm MK108 auto-cannons and perhaps most noticably the 45 degree sweepback wing configuration. These new wings were to be highly influential and were a mainstay of early fighter jet developments such as the US F-86 Sabre and the Russian MiG 15.

The Amusing Hobby kit is beautifully made and a real stand out feature is the wonderful surface detail. Thankfully an upper and lower main fuselage as opposed to a side by side design means you won’t have to do any seam filling or re-scribing.

Available in all good UK model shops from mid-May

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