Das Werk Accessories

The Das Werk Accessories are designed to help you get the most out of their kits and also create more detailed dioramas.

From jack stands for 1/48 scale aircraft to wood grain decals for the trailers you’ll find the Das Werk accessories are high quality and good value for money.

DW4801               German Luftwaffe Jack Stand Set – Standard version, 1/48

DW4802               German Luftwaffe Jack Stand Set – Extended version, 1/48

DWA001               Wood Grain Decals for Sd.Ah.115 – DW35003

DWA002               Weighted Tyres for Faun L900

DWA003               Weighted Tyres for Sd.Ah.115 (street pattern)

DWA004               Weighted Tyres for Sd.Ah.115 (country pattern)

DWA006                 German Late War Masking Stencils

DWA007                 Wood Grain Decals for Ju EF-126 / EF 127  ( DW32001 )

DWA014               Zimmerit Set for Panther early 1/35 (DW35009)

DWA015               Zimmerit Set for Panther mid / late 1/35 (DW35010 / DW35011)

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