Flex I File & Albion Alloys Abrasives

Probably the widest range of precision abrasives for hobby and crafts available. The well known and well loved Flex-I-File Range is complemented by the Albion Alloys Range of abrasives meaning there is a product for every task.

The Flex-I-File is unique in enabling the user to sand and finish compound curves. It is particularly suited to aircraft, boat and rail modelling where curved surfaces abound. By gripping the aluminium handle you release the tension on the grit band, meaning no more flat-spots on your next scale project!

Another product designed to aid the modeller is the Touch n Flow applicator. A very clever design that emits just the right amount of solvent and uses capillary action to get the solvent only where required.

See our instructional video that will help you quickly learn how to use these brilliant products.

Advantages of using Precision Abrasives for hobby and crafts are:

  • Flex I File – sand complex curves without creating flat spots
  • Touch n Flow – The best solvent applicator available
  • Micro finishing cloths & pads – A sandpaper for the 21st century
  • Sanding needles – sand and clean inner structural curves, figure crevices etc…
  • CA applicators – you’ll never use a cocktail stick again

Alouette II by Albert Tureczek

The kit is the ancient Heller kit from the late 50ies, this specially updated version is from 1989 i think. Anyway I found this in an antiques store in the south of Denmark on my summer holidays. I got it for a joke of a price...

Spitfire Diorama by Norbert Scholte

Norbert Scholte is a Dutch model maker who does some truly superb dioramas and super detailing on kits. Here he's turned an already great kit ( Tamiya Spitfire in 132 scale ) in to the centrepiece of a fantastic diorama of a Spitfire having its...

Stinson Reliant SR-9F ‘Gullwing’ by Nick Hooper

Nick Hooper won the Albion Alloys Trophy at this year's Scale Model World - Telford for his remarkable build of an old 1970's AMT kit. He also won Gold - Class 25 - Civil Aircraft - this is a popular category and Nick was up...

FW-200 Condor by Michael Papadakis

Michael won the coveted "Best in Show" trophy at Telford Scale Model World in 2019 with this stunning scratch built Focke-Wulf 200. Here's his explanation as to how he put our precision metals to use:-   Fw 200 A-0 Landing gear.   The civil version...

Empire Flying Boat by Michael Papadakis

Short S.23 Empire Flying Boat: Scratchbuilt 1/48 scale Michael won the prestigious "Best Aircraft in Show" at this year's Telford Scale Model World 2023. A truly monumentous build, all from scratch and as ever Michael was relentless in his research efforts. He has again put our...

Avro York by Michael Papadakis

Avro York Landing gear The Avro York Landing gear was identical to that of the Lancaster bomber. It was decided to use Albion Alloys aluminium 1/8” and 3/32” telescopic tubes for the main gear legs assembly and 3/32” and 1/16” for the retracting jacks. The...

Albion Alloys and Flex-i-file Precision Abrasives