Uschi van der Rosten

The Uschi van der Rosten Range is an ever growing line of products designed to help you get the most from your next scale model project.

Wood grain decals – in a wide range of patterns and very easy to use, achieve fantastic wood grain effects on WWI aircraft, modern jet aircraft with a twist, AFVs with wooden features etc.

Metal polishing powders – available in chrome, steel and iron. Create incredibly real metal effects on plastic. Start with a semi-gloss black base, brush the powder over the top and polish – you’ve got a metal surface!

Rigging Thread – A fantastic product for rigging bi-planes, float planes and ships – available in 3 different thickness’s for true scale authenticity.

Scenic Displays – a fantastic way of displaying your latest scale creation. Mainly modern US / WWII German, this range is being added to all the time and in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale. Designed to be used straight from the packet or paving slabs cut and separated and embellished with scatter materials and other diorama techniques.

Trinity spatter paint masks – A set of three photo-etch masks, takes the black basing technique to the next level and so easy to use. Spray grey or white over a black base using the Trinity mask and then the main colour over the top. Ideal for weathered surfaces and creates a highly realistic patina as found on many carrier based aircraft and planes that have been exposed to harsh environments.

Stencils – Pre cut stencils for creating highly realistic paint effects on selected armour and aviation subjects. The disc camouflage on the WWII German Panther tank is a prime example.

Burnishing Fluids – One for white metals, like the metal tracks so popular with AFV modellers and one for brass / copper alloys, always useful on bi-plane and ship accessories.

Watch the video to see how easy to use these highly effective polishing powders are.

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