DW 72012   CH300 Bellanca Pacemaker

DW72012   CH300 Bellanca Pacemaker


The CH-300 was a conventional, high-wing braced monoplane with fixed tailwheel undercarriage. Like other Bellanca aircraft of the period, it featured flying struts”. [N1] While the CH-200 was powered by 300 hp Wright J-6s.

Decals anc colour call-out is  for the version that Holger Hojrilis and Otto Hillig named “Liberty” used on their transatlantic flight from Newfoundland to Copenhagen, June 24-25, 1931.  The plane was later sold to Benjamin and Joseph Adamowicz, renamed “Warsaw”, and used on their New York -Warsaw flight of 1934 (rn NR 797W). Many thanks to Roger Holden and Jaroslaw Kieliszek for help with the project

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