FW-200 Condor by Michael Papadakis

FW-200 Condor by Michael Papadakis

Michael won the coveted “Best in Show” trophy at Telford Scale Model World in 2019 with this stunning scratch built Focke-Wulf 200.

Here’s his explanation as to how he put our precision metals to use:-


Fw 200 A-0 Landing gear.


The civil version of the Fw200 Condor was equipped with one of the most unusual and complicated landing gear designs of all times.

In modelling terms, the landing gear was imperative to be constructed of metal in order to withstand the weight of the model. Albion Alloys brass tubes of 1.2 and 1.4mm as well as Connecto fittings were used for most of the framework. Larger Brass 2.5 mm and 3mm rods were used for the shock absorber and main leg installations. All components were assembled with the use of solder and miniature nuts and bolts. The construction of both landing gear legs took more than a month to complete.


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