Spitfire Diorama by Norbert Scholte

Norbert Scholte is a Dutch model maker who does some truly superb dioramas and super detailing on kits.

Here he’s turned an already great kit ( Tamiya Spitfire in 132 scale ) in to the centrepiece of a fantastic diorama of a Spitfire having its Merlin engine taken out for some maintenance.

Norbert explains where he’s used our metals:-


I used the metal on the Merlin engine,  copper wires and Albion Alloys tubes cut in very tiny pieces .

The front of the Spitfire is also full of this stuff, used for tubing / connectors and other bits and bobs .

I also used Albion Alloys tubes for scratch-building the fence on the walkway of the diorama.

And there’s some on the scratch-build crane .

On the brick wall it’s used in the Electric wires/ connectors/ boxes and I use it for scratch-building tools .

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